Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation Mandate

After many years of travel throughout the world, both Tiger Jeet Singh and his son Tiger Jr. have witnessed the impact of suffering and sadness faced by their fellow man. Knowing they are fortunate enough to make a difference, the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation was realized. The Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation is a Canadian registered charity.

Originally the mandate of the Foundation is to provide assistance to public schools and hospitals where government funding falls short.

However, since then the mandate has grown to exploit one of the hidden strengths of the Tigers celebrity and that is to bridge the gap of ignorance between diversity living in Canada. Two charity events are now promoted annually to assist this effort; TigerFest & Miracle on Main Street.

The primary objective of TIGERFEST is to promote our youth to stay away from drugs by leading an active & healthy lifestyle and promoting unity among our diverse cultures.

It’s no secret that the wholesome family entertainment that professional wrestling provides is experiencing an all time high in popularity around the world. So with this in mind, TIGERFEST has utilized the popularity of professional wrestling to draw in a diverse audience, the marketability of wrestling legend Tiger Jeet Singh and his son wrestling superstar Tiger Ali Singh to promote Canada’s only free wrestling extravaganza in support of a number of charities.

The six hour event is led off with Tiger’s High School Challenge, which pits high schools against one another in a mixed array of TigerFit challenges capped off with a bus pull as the final event.

The next two hours prior to the start of the wrestling extravaganza, is a Top 40 Concert featuring performances by some of the world’s leading recording artists. TigerFest has been headlined in the past by Bollywood Singing Sensations RDB and Nindy Kaur as well as Canadian Recording Artist Prita Chhabra. This year’s event will be headlined by Kristina Maria.

All proceeds generated through this event is donated to the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation in support of local charities.

The objective of Miracle on Main Street is to promote the spirit of giving among all faiths and religions. As proud Canadians it gives those individuals that do not celebrate the holidays religiously an opportunity to share with those that do. The charities we support are the Halton Women’s Place, Salvation Army, the Hospital for Sick Children and McMaster Children’s Hospital. Donations collected will go towards supporting families and the young patients at the hospital of all faiths and religious beliefs.

The three-hour event runs from 6am till 9am and has been covered live on Breakfast Television, which is Canada’s most popular morning show. Breakfast is served and autographs and pictures are taken with wrestling’s living legend Tiger Jeet Singh, Canada’s most famous hockey dad Walter Gretzky, wrestling superstar Tiger Ali Singh and BT’s host Jennifer Valentyne.

Deliveries are then made to the Halton Women’s Shelter and Salvation Army. In addition to delivering toys to the patients at the Hospital for Sick Children, the Tigers have been asked to lead the reading sessions for the patients at the hospital. This year we are thrilled to have received an invitation to visit the patients at McMaster Children’s Hospital.