Here are the results:

1) “Rocksteady” Alex Vega won a four-way match that also featured John Greed, Jason Chase, and Abe “Action” Jackson

2) Tyson Dux and his stable of Rhino, Viscera, and Darkko interrupted Tiger Jeet Singh’s honouring of Canadian Olympian Ohenewa Akuffo. As they were about to attack, Tiger Ali Singh, Harry Smith and Sonjay Dutt ran in for the save. Dux challenged Dutt to a 1-on-1 match, and Tiger Ali to a handicap match between his men and Singh and Smith.

3) Brent Banks beat Tomer Shalom.

4) Warrior Rage defeated Gaeton “French Kiss” L’Amour.

5) Sonjay Dutt beat Tyson Dux. After the match, Dux’s stable hit the ring. Rhino GOREd Dutt through a table, and Viscera and Darkko flattened Banks and Chase who came in to check on Dutt. Tiger Ali Singh and Harry Smith then cleared the ring and while paramedics were brought to the ring to attend to a fallen Dutt, Singh then accepted the earlier challenge on two conditions: first, the handicap match be a hardcore match with tables and chairs, and second, if he and Smith won, Singh would get Dux for five minutes alone in the ring.

6) Marcus Marquez and Angelina Love beat Cody 45 and Lexia in a mixed gender match.

7) Tiger Ali Singh and Harry Smith w/ Tiger Jeet Singh in their corner beat Viscera, Darkko, and Rhino with Tyson Dux. This was a crazy brawl that saw action spill out onto the floor. Kendo sticks, chairs and tables were used throughout. At one point, Tiger Jeet Singh squared off with Dux, with the legend getting the better of the exchange, throwing a chair into Dux’s face. After the younger Singh smashed Darkko with a choke slam through a table on the outside floor, Singh then made his way back into the ring where he side stepped Rhyno’s attempt at a GORE in the corner leading Rhyno to plunge head first into a steel chair which was positioned there earlier. This then led Smith and Singh suplexing the gigantic 500 lbs Viscera leaving Darkko to take advantage of a distracted Singh in the ring. Darkko standing at 7’ tall missed a moonsaultfrom the top rope, where Singh was fast to act upon catching him with a Tiger Bomb from the top rope and rolling Darkko up for the pin.

8) Though he was sneak-attacked by Dux’s men before they were sent to the back by referee Jimmy Korderas, Tiger Ali Singh beat Tyson Dux in the five-minute confrontation. The two whipped each other with a leather belt repeatedly, but soon Tiger had stripped Dux down to his tighty-whiteys and battered him from pillar to post before getting laying him out for the pin with a rock bottom.